We are seeking a selection of artists for the Arts in the Village Gallery who work in a wide range of media and styles, who present their art in a professional way, who will thrive in a co-op setting, and who want to connect with the public. All of the information you present in your application will be considered.
First complete the steps below, then submit your $25 application fee via PayPal or mail a check for $25 to:

Loudoun Arts Council, Inc.
Post Office Box 4270
Leesburg, VA 20177

Application Checklist and Specs

  • Application form submitted.
  • Application fee paid via PayPal or mailed to: Loudoun Arts Council, PO Box 4270, Leesburg, VA 20177.
  • Digital images created: 6-8 images with this format: JPEG, approximately 500-1000 pixels along each side.
  • Digital images labeled: first initial of your first name, your last name, and image number (SSmith1.jpg, SSmith2.jpg, etc).
  • Digital images described in the body of the email: include the number, title, price, medium, and dimensions of each work.
  • Digital images emailed to: loudounarts@gmail.com with SUBJECT LINE: Firstname Lastname Application Images.
  • You may also send an Artist Statement with your images or in a separate email, if desired, with SUBJECT LINE: Firstname Lastname Artist Statement.

In addition, if you are accepted and join the Gallery, we require that you maintain membership in the Loudoun Arts Council at either the Basic or the Premier level. The Premier level includes an enhanced listing in the Loudoun Arts Directory.

Step One: Complete the Online Application Form

Please complete the online application form (opens in a separate window). If you cannot complete the online form, please contact us to make other arrangements.

Step Two: Email Your Images and Optional Artist Statement

Following the file naming convention and other instructions in the checklist above, please email us your digital images and optional Artist Statement.

Step Three: Pay the $25 Application Fee

You may pay the $25 application fee via PayPal (opens in this window but returns here after you complete your payment) or by mailing a check as noted above.


Did you complete the online application form? Have you emailed your digital images and optional Artist Statement? Have you paid the $25 application fee?

Then yes, you're done!

How the jury process works:

  • Upon receipt of your application materials and application fee, members of the Gallery will review it for completeness and review the submitted images of your work for artistic merit. The Standards Committee will then make a decision regarding your qualifications to become a Potential Gallery Artist.

  • Being a Potential Gallery Artist places you into a competitive status. When the Gallery has openings for new artists, members will review all Potential Gallery Artists to see which best fits the current needs of the Gallery. The timeline for this step is unpredictable; you may remain a Potential Gallery Artist for months. You may instruct us to remove you from consideration at any time.

  • You may then be invited to meet with members to show us samples of your work and to tell us more about yourself, as we will tell you more about the Gallery and answer any questions you may have. This meeting may lead to an invitation to join the Gallery, but you should not assume this is guaranteed. You may be competing with several other local artists in the same medium.

  • If you agree to join the Gallery, established members will train you and help you set up your initial exhibit. If you are not already a member of the Loudoun Arts Council, you must first establish your arts council membership before beginning your training.

Please feel free to contact the jury committee at loudounarts@gmail.com with any questions, and thank you for your interest in Arts in the Village Gallery.