DebKArt Home Studios - Ashburn

David Cheifetz - Still Life Composition

Impressionistic still life oil paintings from life using brushes or palette knife, all skill levels

Distance Learning with Loudoun Street Studios

Easel Vacations

Maybe you have had to cancel your vacation, or maybe you didn’t have the chance to plan one before everything shut down. This July, join instructor Kim T. Richards and learn to paint the places you have been in the past or places you wish you could go. (This class will focus on beginner acrylic techniques)

Jill Poyerd Fine Art

Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting at its core is built upon pigment, water, and a painting surface, and in order to master the medium you need to thoroughly understand your materials. This course is designed to give you an in-depth look at the properties of each material used in the watercolor painting process. With this understanding, beginners will have an easier time learning techniques and experienced painters will be better equipped to perfect their skill and solve potential problems. This isn’t a hands-on painting class, but rather is a lecture-based course containing information you aren't likely to find anywhere else.

The Mechanics of Watercolor Painting

The Mechanics of Watercolor Painting is a step-by-step, hands-on painting course designed to guide students through all the necessary skills needed to paint with watercolor paints. Using her approachable, easy-to-understand teaching method, artist Jill Poyerd walks viewers through a total of nearly four hours of lectures and over 30 student activities, covering topics like brush handling, color mixing, paint application, and much much more. This is one of the most comprehensive beginner watercolor classes you will find online, and can apply to anyone who feels they may be lacking something in their knowledge.

Mastering Brushstrokes (I & II)

Brushstrokes are at the core of being an artist, and are one of the things that set artists apart from one another. In this course, artist Jill Poyerd breaks down historic and contemporary brushwork into twenty-two unique brushstrokes, using both oil and watercolor paint in her demonstrations. The instruction includes a brief history of the stroke, examples of how they're used in masterpieces, visual demonstrations, and student practice exercises. By combining technical learning with visual and hands-on examples, students will gain a thorough understanding of each brushstroke variation. This is a two-part course.

Developing an Eye for Landscape Composition

A landscape composition design can mean the success or failure of a piece of art whether you paint, draw, or work in photography. In this course, landscape artist Jill Poyerd, goes beyond teaching the rules. She teaches students how to "see" a landscape and then translate what they see into a successful design. Students of any experience level learn through four hours of lecture and over 22 activities. Topics include what makes landscapes unique, the planes theory, focal points, compositional lines, design tools of the Masters, choosing a subject, conducting a photoshoot, and reconstructing your images. 

Megha Mehra


5 weeks to astounding watercolor portraits. Have you been wanting to learn portraits in watercolors but are intimidated? Portraits in watercolors can feel daunting. You might feel you aren’t ready. But, a nurturing, patient instructor can help you break through those mental blocks. With the right guidance, you too can successfully paint portraits! The class will be held in a private Facebook group. Each live class will be 1 hour. All sessions will be recorded and will remain available for your reference.

  • June 29- July 31, M, W, F, 12- 1pm Est (online)
  • Check out to sign up

StageCoach Theatre - online

Online Summer Theatre Camps for Ages 10 - 19

StageCoach Theatre offers acting, improv, and musical theatre summer camps - online! Each camp culminates in a virtual performance for family and friends.

The Clay and Metal Loft

Online Summer Camps

Virtual Art camps for ages 7-10 and 11 and up

The Clay and Metal Loft, Leesburg, VA

Handbuilding Workshop with Amy Sanders

Amy Sanders is a potter whose earthenware vessels create a balance of form, texture and pattern with utility. She currently works as a studio artist, teaches adult handbuilding classes at Clayworks Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina and conducts workshops across the United States. Sanders completed a large-scale public art piece for the city of Charlotte in 2009 and was an 18-month Affiliate Artist at the McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, NC from 2004-2006. Her work is exhibited in galleries throughout the United States, several publications and she has filmed an in-depth instructional video with international release. Sanders has been awarded Regional Artist Grant through the Arts and Science Council in Charlotte, NC and was a contributing artist in last spring’s ASC sponsored Community Supported Arts project. Working with low-fire earthenware, this 2 day demonstration workshop will include a slide presentation and will focus on soft slab construction while considering how stamped patterns enhance the surface. Some pieces will be created by pinching, folding, and draping thin slabs over molds, while others will start with simple paper templates. A variety of functional forms will be demonstrated including serving pieces, vases, and cups. We wil