Atelier Garage — Leesburg

Portrait and Still Life Oil Painting

Painter Marcia Klioze has designed these classes for students with a basic knowledge of oil painting and drawing. If you are more comfortable with pastel or acrylic, please feel to bring them. It’s still a “dark to light” process. I will be doing demos in oil, though, as we proceed. Beginners learn the fundamentals, including color, composition, form, and materials. Intermediate students hone existing skills and explore new challenges. Advanced students work with painting theory and focus on completing professional-quality work. Portrait, figure, and still-life painters are welcome. Students need their own supplies for this class. You are encouraged to bring your own projects, but my focus is on portraiture and still-life in a representational style. Portraiture will be done from photos with an emphasis on choosing a good photo, but 1 week will be reserved for a life model! I will set up a still life for those who prefer to paint still-life. Painting demos will be provided in both.The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Classes are small so there is plenty of individual attention. There is always creative discussion, music to paint by, and snacks!! I'll demo, pointing out differences from life and photo reference. All levels of painters are encouraged to sign up.

Bella Vista Photography — Herndon & Elsewhere

Digital Photography Essentials Class — Artspace Herndon

This introductory class presented by photographer Mary Louise Ravese is for digital camera users who want to learn how to successfully use their camera beyond automatic / program modes. The class teaches the 5 most essential camera settings that have the greatest impact on the look of a photograph: focal length, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. We also cover how to interpret an image histogram, a camera feedback mechanism, and use that information to adjust and optimize image exposure for the next shot. Students learn how to change these settings using their own camera and do quick practice exercises to reinforce what they've learned.

  • Sunday, February 3, 1 - 5:30pm
  • Class held at ArtSpace in Herndon, Virginia. For more information visit or call 571-594-2390. Register by January 20 to receive early bird discount of $99/adult, $79/student.

Springtime in the South: Savannah to Charleston Photo Workshop

Join photographers Mary Louise Ravese and Sue Bloom in an 7-day, 6-night workshop exploring the South's Low Country from Savannah, Georgia, to Charleston, South Carolina. Enjoy a variety of photo opportunities including landscapes, gardens, wildlife and architecture with southern charm. Throughout the week there will be lectures, assignments and supportive image feedback sessions, so you can improve your picture-making along the way. This workshop is open to photographers of all skill levels, since our multi-day format allows us time to work with each participant individually. Expand your ability to photograph with new shooting techniques and new photo editing techniques like Digital Painting and Collage.

Libby Stevens Studio — Leesburg

Creative Pastels

This small class is designed for the beginner pastel painter or more advanced painter. I offer individual attention at the easel, exploring the versatile applications of pastel. Beginners will cover basic application, papers, and techniques painting from a studio still life. I mentor more advanced students if they want to use their own photos to paint from. — Sterling & Elsewhere

Coffee & Colored Pencils — Ridgetop Coffee in Sterling

Explore the amazing capabilities of colored pencils while you turn a humble medium into masterful Fine Art, in a fun & social atmosphere. All materials included but you are welcome to bring your own. A different project is done each month. You must be pre-registered to attend. Teens are welcome. Taught by award-winning artist Lisa Zadravec.

Draw Your Pet in Colored Pencils — Artspace Herndon

Learn to draw animals using your favorite pet as a subject. Explore the amazing capabilities of colored pencils while you see why they are the perfect medium for realistic hair, those eye-catching eyes and more. Turn a humble medium into masterful Fine Art. Bring your colored pencils and photos of your pet. You must be pre-registered to attend (teens also welcome). Taught by award-winning artist Lisa Zadravec.

Home-School Art — Sterling Studio/Classroom

For students in grades 4 -10. This class takes the student through a complete school year course if taken through out the year, teaching all basic skills and general art knowledge. A well-rounded course, building art skills and a basic knowledge of great art and artists. Emphasis on traditional fine art methods & always includes age-appropriate projects in drawing/shading & color drawing, painting in at least two media and 3-dimensional projects in a curriculum developed in over 23 years of teaching. Students can stay at this level for 3+ years. Students may take this class for a grade if requested. Taught by award-winning artist, and teacher for over 2 decades, Lisa Zadravec.

Art for Children & Teens — Sterling Studio/Classroom

Fine Art skill building, in drawing, painting and art challenges for the budding artist. We will build art skills through methods that teach real art technique. Projects rotate each session, so there's always something new, but always included: drawing, color drawing, painting in at least two media & 3-D design in a curriculum developed in over 2 decades teaching. Students can stay at each level for 3+ years. Taught by award-winning artist Lisa Zadravec.

Round Hill Arts Center — Round Hill

Intro to Oils — Level 1

Have you always wanted to learn how to paint with oils, but weren’t sure where to start? This class is for those who are new to painting and uses atelier methods to build a solid foundation for progressing as a painter. Students are taught the wipe out method, a traditional means to create a beautiful value study or as an underpainting for complex works. This method allows students to master value and drawing without the complication of additional colors. Students will learn about warm/cool relations, drawing, proportion, and value.

StageCoach Theatre — Ashburn

Skits Workshop

A skit is a very short play, usually performed in an informal setting. With very few props and little preparation, they can be used in schools, camps, at work-related conferences, and many other venues. The fine art of comedic acting is explored in this class utilizing humorous skits. Students will get to choose a skit from a variety of scenes. They will work in groups and workshop the skits at the end of the class. This would be a great opportunity to delve into a comedic scene and explore timing, delivery, and a few laughs.

Monologue Preparation Workshop

Have you wanted to audition for a professional play, but aren’t sure how to prepare a monologue? Do you know where to look for monologue resources? How do you choose a monologue that is appropriate to your age and character type? What if you’re auditioning for a period piece? How do you edit a monologue, if necessary? Learn how to find and prepare monologues, how to build a comprehensive collection of monologues, and how to get the best performance from your monologue!

Acting Scene Study

This 2 hour workshop will meet four times and is an advanced acting workshop option for actors who wish to develop or reinvent their skills as well as working alongside fellow acting students. Students must commit to attending all four workshop days and prepare to study lines to end up off script by the fourth class. Each pair of students will perform for the other students as their audience. Joining the course with an acting buddy to pair with is encouraged, but not required. The director will pair students within the class for specific scenes as needed. Students are welcome to repeat this workshop as often as they wish and new scenes will be assigned each time allowing for variety and ongoing growth with character development skills.

Intro to Voiceovers

Has anyone ever told you, “You have such a great voice!” Have you ever wanted to narrate commercials or be the voice of an animated character? This workshop will introduce you to the exciting and lucrative world of voice-overs! Come ready to learn about the possibilities in this ever-expanding business and the tools you need to jump right in. This workshop will run over 2 days due to the amount of material covered, including active participation in sample recordings. We’ll answer questions such as “Do I need a home studio?”, “How do I create a demo?”, and “Do I need an agent?” With the tools and knowledge you receive, you’ll be ready to take the next step to begin your voice-over career!

Acting 101

This class focuses on getting beginners comfortable in front of a crowd, feeling confident, while learning some solid “technique” behind acting. A lot of people want to take an acting class because the art itself feels so amorphous — they want to know exactly what “TO DO.” Brittany teaches the Stanislavsky method because she thinks it gives new actors concrete tasks to focus on. You’ll read plays and learn how to analyze them as storytellers.

The Clay and Metal Loft — Leesburg

Bill van Gilder Demonstration Workshop Weekend

Join us in Leesburg, Virginia, for a two-and-a-half day weekend pottery workshop with internationally recognized potter and ceramic artist Bill van Gilder. Every potter has a list of WHAT they want to make. HOW to make it, is often the question. During this two and a half day information-loaded demo-workshop, some 50+ making techniques will be demonstrated in answer to these ‘how-to’ questions — techniques participants will want to use and adjust to fit their own future work. Short cuts, tips, and tool-use at the wheel will be shared through demo after demo. Hand-building functional forms will be the focus during part of the demonstrations as requested, defining projects and techniques for hand-builders. Slide show and wine & cheese reception Friday evening. Demonstrations Saturday and Sunday.

Unison Old Country Store — Unison

Open Studio with Model

A perfect opportunity to practice your skills in your choice of media with access to a model, nude and dressed. $100 for four classes.