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Leanne Fink / Leanne Fink Fine Art

"October Morning at Saint Eden Farm" by Leanne Fink"October Morning at Saint Eden Farm" by Leanne Fink Art is a way of life and a family tradition for Leanne Fink. From early childhood, the pencil and brush became an extension of her. She was always drawing. The first art teacher was her uncle, an accomplished oil painter. From him, she learned the basics of the craft. The seeds were sown for a lifetime of creative expression. Leanne earned a degree in fine arts and pursued a commercial career as an art director. She began her own ad agency in the New York metro area. Family came next and she embraced the role of art instructor for her daughters. After retirement from nearly two decades in practice as a doctor of chiropractic, life has come full circle and Leanne has returned to the studio with renewed vitality.

Pet Portraits by Leanne FinkPet Portraits by Leanne Fink “I have always been a passionate portrait artist. There is something magical  about capturing life in the moment. I prefer oils for that work because they create a depth untouched by other media.  So, portraits are my first love but  art is an odyssey of discovery. I embrace its dynamic nature by  experimenting with palette, technique and medium.

“My creative spirit is inspired by the vivid beauty of my surroundings. Whether capturing the drama of a breathtaking landscape, the unique personality of a four legged companion or a special moment in time for a friend or family member, I use color to move the eye and evoke emotion. I enjoy creating a visual oasis for my viewer that calms the mind and stirs the heart.”