LAC Sustaining Member LAC artWorks Artist
Anne Marshall Block


In the fall and spring, you can often find me painting in the gardens at Historic Oatlands.

During the winter months, I find great happiness painting countless hours in my Leesburg home studio.

In addition to my local works, I am frequently inspired to travel and paint scenes from Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, and iconic parks such as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Yellowstone, and Red Rock Canyon.

I have even ventured to South Africa and Zambia on safari to paint the magnificent animals and rustic landscape, which has further diversified my collection.

I am formally trained as a nurse and hold a B.S.N. from the University of Virginia and a M.S.N .from the Medical College of Virginia. I enjoy swimming, biking, sailing, hiking, and traveling — and, of course, painting!

I honed my craft through many years of training with the Loudoun art community and continue to work with Penny Hauffe.

I am also a participating artWorks artist whose work could grace the walls of your venue in rotating quarterly shows.