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Nancy Kfoury

Nancy Kfoury is a retired biopsychologist. She taught and did research for many years, studying the effects of drugs and sleep deprivation on human and animal behavior. Writing and working in a field that relies completely on repetition and precision did not allow much room for artistic creativity.

In the last three years Nancy discovered painting, and has been unable to stop ever since. The joy of instant gratification when the paint hits the canvas has been an incredibly positive experience. Not having to wait for and analyze results is a wonderful diversion from years of research. Nancy's love of animals is evident in her body of work, as is her love of unique, magical faces and mystical landscapes. Nothing is realistic, yet there are elements of realism in each painting.

Nancy loves the freedom of expression that painting provides, and hopes to continue to grow and learn from the many talented artists in the Loudoun community who have so many different ways of approaching the same subjects.

Nancy is also a participating artWorks artist whose work could grace the walls of your venue in rotating quarterly shows.