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Anne Stine
Anne's work expresses the joy and awe she feels for nature, and her emotional connection to the world. Nature is her sanctuary where she can catch my breath and reflect on the spiritual bond she feels when she is totally immersed in its beauty. With today’s growing apathy towards the environment, she feels it is vitally important to glorify our natural home and care for it. Creating from the heart, she brings attention to the codependent relationship between man and planet Earth with the intention of relaying the message that in loving her, we love ourselves.
Anne chose oils and encaustic paint made from a combination of beeswax, natural resin, and pigment because she likes the idea of using natural materials to deepen the connection between the subject and herself. The wild, unpredictable nature of wax allows her to express the intensity, fluidity, and varied textures found in nature more realistically than any other medium. When heated to a high temperature, the molten wax moves like honey and she wields a blow torch to guide it where she wants it to go while tilting the wood panel base. There is something exciting about working with a medium invented 1,000 years ago and witnessing how the painting mysteriously takes shape through the creative dance of layering, reheating, and further manipulating the wax and mixed media.

Anne is also a participating artWorks artist whose work could grace the walls of your venue in rotating quarterly shows.