The LAC is looking for an experienced 2-D exhibits coordinator to assist the Board with the upcoming expansion of the arts council's artWorks exhibit program. The pilot program for artWorks was launched at Old Ox Brewery in 2015, and has been a successful experiment for the participating artists and the brewery. "I can't wait to see our next show," says Old Ox President Graham Burns.

Artists' sales are growing with the LAC's new tagging system for artwork, which allows customers to buy artwork with their smartphones directly at the venues. Unlike art galleries, which charge artists sales commissions of 30%, 40%, or more, the LAC is committed to keeping fees low for member artists. "ArtWorks collects only 5% on sales, just enough to cover our administrative costs. This is one of the great benefits of joining the LAC," says LAC Treasurer Haig Evans-Kavaldjian.

The LAC expects to have online application forms for artists and venues on the LAC website by the end of August. This program will include online galleries of available artists and venues and will operate similar to a dating service, to match appropriate art with venues. Venues will be accepted on the basis of traffic and suitability for hanging 2-D art.

The new coordinator will find and match local venues seeking exhibits with LAC member artists seeking to show their work. This position will require a few hours of volunteer work each month. Exhibits will change quarterly.

The ideal candidate for the coordinator position should be a current LAC member and have experience in creating exhibits in galleries, museums, or retail venues, as well as in physically hanging artwork. For more information or to apply, please email the LAC Board at with the subject line "Coordinator Position."