March 2021 Spotlight: Penny Hauffe

Penny Hauffe is a Loudoun artist who works in painting, sculpture, and on the stage.

Our February 2019 Spotlight is on: Painter Kay Layne

According to painter Kay Layne, "Abstract painting has always drawn me because I make paintings that are intended to elicit emotion depending on the makeup of the viewer. My work can be soothing, challenging, or upsetting. I don’t paint realism, because I prefer that the viewer respond without my directing them through realistic images."

The LAC's January 2019 Spotlight is on: Samantha S. Marshall

Loudoun County is home to hundreds of talented artists, and we want everyone to know it! The Loudoun Arts Council will be featuring some of these amazing LAC members on our website and in our monthly newsletter starting in 2019. Our first featured artist is photographer Samantha S. Marshall.