artWorks Brings Together Artists and Venues within Loudoun County

The Loudoun Arts Council embraces the idea that spaces are energized by art. By using a very simple exchange concept — art for wall space — the artWorks program brings local art to local venues and offers opportunities for established and emerging artists to exhibit their work. The LAC acts as promoter, liaison, and coordinator to partner local visual artists with venues.

Buy Art
on the Spot!

To purchase an artWorks piece on-site, simply scan the QR code located by the piece and complete your purchase on our website, then show your receipts (one from the LAC and one from PayPal) to the venue staff, who will verify your purchase and help you collect your new artwork.

If scanning the QR code doesn't work for you, you can also visit our online shopping pages to make your purchase on the spot.

Artists help install and take down their own shows, provide an artist bio, and offer to give a short gallery talk for venue staff. Artists are responsible for insuring their artwork and must be current members of the LAC. Artists are accepted based on the overall quality and nature of their work and their ability to produce enough artwork for an exhibition. Venues pre-approve art hanging methods, provide access for artists to install and take down their shows, and host an Artist's Reception during each exhibit. Venues must also be current members of the LAC.

Venues work with the program curator to select artists from those who have been accepted into the program. The LAC coordinates the artWorks exhibit schedule, notifying each artist and venue regarding the schedule for display of artwork. Typically exhibits run for 2-4 months. (As more artists join the program, exhibits may change more frequently.)

The LAC publicizes artWorks shows through announcements on our website and in our Happenings email newsletter, on social media, and in press releases. Participating artists and venues are encouraged to publicize the exhibits as well.

Additional information is available:

Questions? Please email us at or phone 571-577-9367.